What is better than being naked?

Being naked with someone else.


nom nom nom


Portugal: Castelo Dos Mouros (by Simone Angelucci)



Dianne Chandler
Playboy, 1966

life goals
❝ Anxiety is like a game of tag. You have your base or, if you’re lucky, bases. Once you leave your base and for the entire time you aren’t on base, you constantly have this uneasy feeling because someone could tag you at any moment. When you have chronic anxiety, these bases are the places where you feel most comfortable and the least anxiety. Home, your room, your car, etc. When you leave them, there’s always that uneasy feeling of the unknown and being chased, but without the adrenaline, of course.

— me attempting to explain anxiety to my roommate who never understood it before (via ughdancys)

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I want you.

I want to place my head between your legs. Open you up and clean you out, I want it up down and to turn you upside down. I want to rock out with my cock out. So what if my language seems revaulting. It’s impulsive nature, it’s not forever, it’s for the right time and the fierce firery hot messy love action we dream of when no bodies around. This is not an attempt to attract sluts or whatever you judge me for. Rather it’s a straight up projection of my love and affection for you. Hope this inspires you to let your fears out too. Let’s live in peace. With each other and ourselves ..


DEAD are probs my favourite australian band right now and if you don’t love them i don’t love u.

This girl is great. And obvioulsly sexy. Dead was the first live music I went to the city to see. And she was there with me. Then we slept in the same bed and it went downhill after the. If I wasn’t so impulsive and immature then life would’ve been better for the both of us. But the past is the past and if we accept that then we can move on and not worry to make that mistake again.


Anonymous, 9, Ivory Coast

16 Children And Their Bedrooms

Vanessa Da Mata Ft. Ben Harper—'Boa Sorte'

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